SonicWall vs Sophos

Choosing a new firewall vendor can be difficult — but it doesn’t have to be. When comparing SonicWall and Sophos, it’s easy to see why more businesses are choosing SonicWall to safeguard their network against today’s most sophisticated threats.

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The Best Firewall Vendors are NetSecOPEN Certified. Is Yours?

Protection so Secure, It’s Certified.

Anyone can say their NGFWs offer superior protection. But not everyone is willing to let an independent party put them to the test. In recent NetSecOPEN tests, the SonicWall NSa 4650 NGFW achieved 100% security effectiveness against all private CVEs used in the test. Combined with the results of the public CVE test, SonicWall rated 99% — better than any other vendor tested. If your vendor isn’t listed here, it might be worth asking why.

NetSecOPEN logo with SonicWall NSa 4650 photo.
SonicWall TZ270 delivers better ROI by offering up to two times the threat performance over a comparable Sophos XGS 107. Threat Prevention Throughput

750 Mbps (TZ270)

330 Mbps (XGS 107)

Based on 2021 ICSA Advanced Threat Defense testing, SonicWall detected 100% of previously unknown threats with no false positives. The Sophos solution wasn't tested and lacks multi-engine and deep memory inspection. Multi-engine Sandbox with Deep Memory Inspection

The SonicWall Gen 7 entry-level TZ features 10GbE ports while Sophos does not (need to upgrade to Sophos XGS Series 1U). 10 GbE Ports on Entry-Level Firewalls

The SonicWall TZ270 firewall features up to 256GB of expandable storage while the Sophos XGS107 features none. Expandable Storage on Entry-Level Firewalls

Sophos offers multi-tenancy while SonicWall offers Multi-instance, a more powerful feature with a modern approach to legacy multi-tenancy. Multi-instance Firewall

When checking files for viruses, Sophos has a maximum limit on file size that can be buffered; files larger than this size limit will not be scanned. The default file size is 30 MB. Antivirus (AV) Scan File Size Limit


1536 MB

SonicWall offers a variety of network access switches with SonicWall Switch. Sophos does not. Network Access Switches

The SonicWall NSa next-generation firewall, combined with SonicWall Capture ATP and patented RTDMI technology, was awarded ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense certification. Capture ATP has been certified for six consecutive quarters. ICSA Advanced Threat Defense Certification

SonicWall firewall devices and services are compliant with Section 889 of the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), while Sophos devices are not. NDAA-Compliant

Based on NetSecOPEN Certification Reports from February 2020, the SonicWall NSa 4650 firewall has a security effectiveness rating of 99%. Sophos, despite being a member, does not have a certification as of July 2021. NetSecOPEN Certified

SonicWall Better on Every Level

100% Detection. No False Positives.

Based on superior performance, SonicWall firewalls, including the TZ, NSa, NSsp and NSv series, earned both the ICSA Enterprise Firewall certification and the ICSA Anti-Malware Certification. And in recent ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense Q1 testing, the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) sandbox service with patented RTDMI™ (available on firewalls and other SonicWall products) identified 100% of previously unknown threats without a single false positive. That’s a score unbeaten by any competitors.

Render of a mobile device with the word PROTECTED on the screen.

Simple. Scalable. Seamless.

Which sounds easier to manage: four different firewall products and three different operating systems, with three separate management platforms to wrangle them — or single-pane-of-glass simplicity? With SonicWall, you can control your firewall, switches, wireless access points and other SonicWall products from a single integrated interface. You have the confidence of knowing no matter which combination of products you choose or where you deploy them, they’ll function seamlessly and will scale as a true platform solution.

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Save Money and Time with SonicWall

SonicWall offers an industry-leading TCO, but the savings don’t end there: SonicWall’s broad, integrated portfolio enables a single-vendor solution. This isn’t just easier to manage: it also allows you to take advantage of bundle pricing, saving you even more. And because your time is valuable, too, you’ll enjoy the benefit of faster deployment and implementation, as well as always knowing exactly who to turn to for any questions or support needs you may have.

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I like the technology implemented in the Gen 7 TZ firewalls. They are feature rich at a fair price, and SonicWall offers great tech support. They give me peace of mind.

Stan Horvat, Network Administrator, WILLCOR

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