Deploy and manage all your firewalls, connected switches and access points, all in one easy-to-use interface.

Centralized Management. Elevated Security.

As the number of firewalls in your distributed enterprise grows, so too does the challenge of managing them. SonicWall Network Security Manager scales with your business and your security needs. From a single console, orchestrate all firewall operations, see hidden risks, discover misconfigured policies, and make compliance easier with a full audit trail. With a SonicWall NSM, centralize firewall management and gain more capability, not more complexity.

Centrally Manage Your Firewalls

  • Orchestrate all firewall operations effortlessly, with total visibility and control

  • Facilitate the rapid deployment of SD-WAN and VPN networks

  • Onboarding new firewalls, switches and access points without being physically on-site

  • Synchronize consistent security policies across your environment

  • Work faster and smarter with less effort using intuitive self-guided workflows

  • See everything everywhere from one dynamic dashboard

  • Survey risks and threats in real-time with detailed analytics and reports

Features & Benefits

Establish an easy path to comprehensive security management, analytics, and reporting to unify your network security defense program. Automate and correlate workflows to form a fully coordinated security governance, compliance and risk management strategy.

Obtain complete visibility into your traffic and threats. Make proactive and informed security policy decisions based on consolidated real-time device and traffic data.

Help make internal compliance bodies and auditors happy with automatic reports. Customize any combination of security auditable data to help you move towards specific compliance requirements.

Get a full list of features and specifications for the SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM).



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