Protect your business applications and valuable data with Zero Trust architecture. Prevent unauthorized access, defend against breaches and stop lateral movement with SonicWall’s Zero Trust framework.

Empower, Enable & Protect Remote Workforces Outside the Traditional Perimeter

Remote work, the growth of BYOD, employee mobility, and the use of cloud-based applications are all on the rise, and perimeter-based security just isn’t enough to protect your enterprise in this new, hyper-distributed era. SonicWall believes that security perimeter must follow wherever humans work and extend to wherever the assets reside.

Zero Trust Access (ZTA) is the next-generation security approach that is made for the cloud era, and will become the standard of tomorrow’s secure access.

Cloud Edge Secure Access, Delivered as a Service

Deploy converged security and networking in the cloud to eliminate upfront costs and integration hassles. Control and protect network access to both managed and unmanaged devices based on identity, location and device parameters with Cloud Edge Secure Access, SonicWall’s robust Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering that delivers advanced, real-time zero-trust security.

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SMA 1000 Appliance

Leverage SonicWall’s globally trusted SMA 1000 Series to implement advanced Zero-Trust Access. Choose between an physical or a virtualized appliance to apply granular policy-based Zero-Trust control to define which users or devices can sensitive networks or resources – and which cannot.

Features & Benefits

Zero-Trust Access Process

SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access provides secure remote access with cloud-native solutions. Least Privilege access allows organizations to secure sensitive resources by only giving trusted users access to what they need and reducing the lateral movement of threats throughout a network.

Verify User

Verify Context

Enforce Micro-Segmentation

Grant Least Privilege Access

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