SonicWall’s SonicWave Wireless Access Points provide your business with an enhanced user experience by delivering the performance, range and reliability of 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. Benefit from advanced, industry-leading security and wireless features. Leverage ease of deployment and management at a low total cost of ownership.

Secure Wireless Access Points

SonicWall’s advanced wireless access points include important features that match your business needs for security, management, ease of deployment and scalability. Connect your workplace with advanced, industry-leading wireless features.

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Features & Benefits

This next generation of wireless access points includes important features that make it easy to deploy, secure, manage and scale your enterprise networks, all at a low total cost of ownership.

SonicWave Series Access Points

The SonicWave Series Access Points provide best-in-class Wi-Fi technology with the ultimate in end-to-end security. They provide the latest in 802.11ac Wave 2 support along with single-pane-of-glass management and flexible deployment options.

SonicWave 200 Series

For those that need the same high quality of performance access points but at a lower density with distributed deployments, the SonicWave 200 series is the perfect choice. Take advantage of exceptional Wi-Fi user experience, deployment flexibility and cloud management, all with a low total cost of ownership.

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SonicWave 400 Series

The best of the best in wireless access points, the SonicWave 400 series offers comprehensive threat prevention and centralized management with the highest overall performance and range. Get the utmost performance for high-density enterprises at the best value by leveraging the SonicWave series’ low total cost of ownership.

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Wireless Network Manager

Leverage the ultimate flexibility and reliability of the cloud. SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) is a highly intuitive, scalable and centralized wireless and switching network management system. It unifies multiple tenants, locations and zones, providing integrated management for thousands of SonicWave access points and SonicWall Switches.

From a single pane of glass, WNM is capable of delivering rich analytics, powerful features and simplified onboarding via the cloud. This cloud-based infrastructure simplifies access, control and troubleshooting capabilities for organizations of any size. Wireless Network Manager can be deployed and accessed across multiple regions from anywhere with an Internet connection, all without the cost of complex overlay management systems.

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WiFi Planner

Elevate your Wi-Fi user experience with the right design prior to Access Point (AP) deployment. The WiFi planner provides comprehensive heat map analysis, granular control and flexibility at no additional cost.

The SonicWall WiFi Planner is an intuitive, easy-to-use, advanced wireless site survey tool that enables you to design and deploy a wireless network. The tool allows for customized environmental variables and calculates the optimal positioning by maximizing coverage with the lowest number of access points. The WiFi Planner allows for manual placement of APs in the map and automatic placement by the advisor. Use it to plan new access point deployments or to ensure excellent existing wireless coverage.

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Solution Brief
How to Streamline and Automate your Wireless Network Management
Case Study
Union Leader Corp.
Executive Brief
Securing the Next Wave of Wireless

Customer Testimonials

“SonicWave wireless access points offer excellent performance and security, plus easy deployment and integrated management through our SonicWall firewall.”

Tod Erickson
IT Director, Union Leader Corporation
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This data was sourced directly from a verified user of SonicWall Inc. by TechValidate.

"My SonicWave deployment effectively extended the network seamlessly into the existing configuration."

Chico Diaz
Senior IT Manager, DiazFamilia
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This data was sourced directly from a verified user of SonicWall Inc. by TechValidate.

SonicWave has allowed us to set up secure and easily manageable wireless networks for our clients.

William Novak
IT Manager, Vision Health Systems
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This data was sourced directly from a verified user of SonicWall Inc. by TechValidate.

SonicWave wireless access points have great speeds and low maintenance.

Anthony Sperrazza
Senior IT Director, Telebrands
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This data was sourced directly from a verified user of SonicWall Inc. by TechValidate.

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