Datasheet: Customer Loyalty Program

Straightforward upgrades and competitive trade-ins for current and new SonicWall customers.

Tech Brief: Advantages of Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI)

A streaming, artifact-based approach can ensure both better performance and security.
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How to Stay Operational During an Outbreak

Protect your Remote and Work-from-Home employees during a global health crisis.

Executive Brief: Why Secure Mobile Access is a strategic business imperative

Mobile access ensures your business keeps productive in a disruptive, dynamic world.

Datasheet: SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA)

Secure anywhere, anytime access to corporate resources across multi-cloud environments based on user and device identity, location and trust.

SonicWall Mobile Connect

Simple, identity-based and policy-enforced secure access to company resources, applications and data for iOS, MacOS, Android, Chrome OS, Kindle Fire and Windows 10 devices.

Datasheet: Central Management Server (CMS) for SMA

Powerful virtual machine for appliance management, resilience and reporting.

Datasheet: WiFi Cloud Manager

Scalable, secure cloud-management solution.
Case Study

Crestline Sanitation District

Deployment of SonicWall Secure Mobile Access has helped the district:
  • Improve productivity by 51-75%
  • Enhance the efficiency of managing a globally distributed secure access infrastructure
  • Simplify access control and gained single-pane-of-glass visibility
  • Increase end-user productivity
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards

Solution Brief: Best practices for secure mobile access

Stay operational regardless of what tomorrow's headlines may bring.
Case Study

South East Aerospace

The company’s Network Administrator shares how SonicWall SMA has:
  • Improved end-user productivity
  • Improved protection of critical information
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Inside Cybercriminal Inc.: Unravel the Threat Behaviors that Shaped 2019

Go inside real-world cyber threat intelligence with SonicWall Capture Labs. This on-demand webinar will help you better understand how cybercriminals think — and be fully prepared for what they’ll do next.
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