K-12 Education

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Tech Tactics: IT Mastery Over the Remote Classroom - THE Journal

When going to school means going online, a new set of learning standards is required – calling for smart use of relief funds and a boundless approach to cybersecurity.

April 2, 2021
Solution Brief

CARES Act Funding: How To Get Your Share

Is your school leaving money on the table? Find out how CARES funding is allocated, and how to use the money to meet your school’s connectivity and security needs.

April 20, 2021
Tech Brief

K-12 Wireless Network Security: Scan and Protect Wi-Fi Device Traffic

This brief offers IT directors and administrators at K-12 schools and school districts a deep dive into deploying Wireless Network Security solutions from SonicWall.

July 12, 2021

State and Local Government

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Executive Brief

What's the Best NGFW for State and Local Governments?

State and local governments are increasingly dependent on cloud-based apps and mobile connectivity. This brief examines critical network security needs for today’s agencies and explores best practices for selecting an effective next-generation firewall platform.

October 2, 2021
Tech Brief

SD-Branch for State Government

SD-Branch enables agency field offices to be deployed swiftly and deliver unified visibility and threat detection from a single pane of glass.

July 17, 2020
Executive Brief

State & Local Government Solutions: At-a-Glance

Learn how SonicWall helps state and local governments protect against increasingly stealthy cyber attacks, and comply with multiple regulations and guidelines, all while staying within limit budgets.

April 7, 2021

Safe at Home: Securing federal IT in the remote-work era - FCW

This ebook describes the challenges federal agencies face and offers a playbook for transformation—a fast and affordable solution that is secure and based on open standards.

March 31, 2021
Executive Brief

Why Protecting Your Remote Workforce with Secure Mobile Access is a Strategic Mission Imperative

Secure Mobile Access ensures that mission-critical operations are not disrupted in an uncertain world.

April 20, 2021
Use case

Globally Distributed Networks: Military Use Case

See how SonicWall helps distributed military forces to connect the right personnel to connect and check on the status of critical military equipment while at the same time restricting unauthorized access to sensitive information.

February 10, 2021

Case Studies

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Case Study

City of Milford

SonicWall SMA allows us to permit work from home when necessary. It’s a solid product, with easy setup and operation, and excellent support.

August 13, 2020
Case Study


Jeremy Atkin, Associate Superintendent, EDUPRIZE Schools, gained several benefits in selecting a SonicWall NSa firewall.

October 14, 2019
Case Study

University of Illinois

“My SonicWall NSa firewall is meeting or exceeding my
performance and security expectations,” says Kenneth Lloyd,
Senior IT Manager, University of Illinois.

September 3, 2019