Secure Your Shared Assets With Zero-Trust Security

As organizations continue to move away from the traditional on-prem environment and toward this new IT reality, their legacy cybersecurity solutions have been unable to keep up, creating unmanageable complexity and increased risk. These emerging issues lead to the implementation of Zero-Trust security architectures that do not automatically extend trust regardless of whether a user is inside or outside the perimeter.

The brief discusses how IT managers can deploy Zero-Trust security architecture:

  • With micro-segmentation to isolate resources within the IT infrastructure.
  • Divided network resources at a granular level and tune security settings to different traffic types.
  • Policies that limit network and application flows to only those explicitly permitted.

This approach allows security teams the flexibility to apply the right level of protection to a given workload based on sensitivity and value to the business. It also helps mitigate risks from increasing access needs.

In today’s businesses, access typically isn’t limited to just employees and business partners — in many cases, it must also be extended to consultants, customers, suppliers, and more. These individuals all need access to business applications and IT resources in global private data centers and public clouds.

With fluid network perimeter and IT-enabled workforce, IT managers are challenged to provide reliable and secure mobile and global connectivity while overcoming shortcomings of traditional VPNs and software-defined perimeters.

SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access offers an advanced Zero-Trust Network Access service delivered from the cloud and controlled through a single management console. Mobile employees are protected with Secure Access’ Single Sign-On native client applications that can be used on any Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android device. With centralized control and identity management integrated into the Cloud Edge Secure Access portal, employees and groups can be easily added to corporate network resources and cloud environments with secure policy-based resource access. Detailed descriptions and applications for this solution are outlined in the full report.