SonicWall vs Fortinet

Looking for a new firewall vendor? Here are some of the reasons more customers are choosing SonicWall over Fortinet for network security solutions and protection against advanced cyberattacks.

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Lower Cost. Higher Performance.

SonicWall beats Fortinet in independent tests

The Tolly Group, a third-party testing firm, recently compared the Fortinet FG 100F and the SonicWall NSa 2700. They reported an overall 3-year TCO of $11,002 for SonicWall — significantly lower than Fortinet’s cost of $16,520.

The SonicWall firewall also earned better performance ratings, with an overall block rate of 99.43% in NetSecOPEN CVE tests (vs. 93.98% for the Fortigate). With built-in 64GB of storage, DNS security and pay-for-only-what-you-use HA licensing, SonicWall offers a better value — but you don’t have to take our word for it.

Feature Fortinet
Based on NetSecOPEN Certification Reports from February 2020 on the SonicWall NSa 4650 and the Fortinet FortiGate 500E. Security Effectiveness Rating



Based on list prices (USD) of the Fortinet FG 100F compared to the SonicWall NSa 2700 as of January 2021. HA on SonicWall firewall included in pricing. Source: Tolly Analyst Brief February 2021. Cost per Gbps for Threat Protection



> 4.5x Higher Cost

With SonicWall’s HA license-sharing you do not have to buy a second set of licenses, unlike with Fortinet. Cost-Effective High Avalibility (HA)


Additional Cost

Fortinet offers multi-tenancy while SonicWall offers multi-instance, a more powerful feature with a modern approach to legacy multi-tenancy. Multi-Instance Firewall

The SonicWall NSa 2700 firewall features 256GB of storage while the FG 100F features none (requires upgrade to FG 101F) Source: Tolly Analyst Brief February 2021. Expandable Storage

New SonicWall Gen 7 entry-level TZ and NSa series firewalls feature higher port density (up to 10 ports) than Fortinet. 10 GbE Ports on Entry-Level Firewalls

When checking files for viruses, Fortinet has a maximum limit on the file size that can be buffered. The default size for all FortiGate models is 10 MB; files larger than 10 MB are passed without scanning. Antivirus (AV) Scan File Size Limit


10 MB Limit

The SonicWall NSa 3600 next-generation firewall, combined with SonicWall Capture ATP and patented RTDMI technology, was awarded ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense certification. Capture ATP has been certified for five consecutive quarters. ICSA Advanced Threat Defense Certification

SonicWall firewall devices and services are compliant with Section 889 of the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). NDAA- & TAA-Compliant

SonicWall Better on Every Level

100% Detection. No False Positives.

Capture ATP, which can be added on to firewalls and a variety of other SonicWall network security products, uses patented RTDMI™ technology to catch more malware faster than traditional behavior-based sandboxing methods.

In recent ICSA test results Capture ATP detected 100% of previously unknown threats with no false positives — a perfect score.

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Integrity Matters

SonicWall is committed to ensuring the efficacy of its products and integrity of its supply chain. Our trusted channel partners and our manufacturing practices help ensure that our products are not compromised by third parties.

Many SonicWall products are compliant with TAA, NDAA, FIPS 140-2, DoDIN APL, CSfC and more — meaning they meet or exceed standards for securing some of the most classified networks in the world.

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Save More by Switching to SonicWall

SonicWall consistently provides solutions with a lower TCO, without compromising on performance. For example, third-party analysis noted SonicWall’s NSa 2700 cost was more than 4.5 times lower per Gbps for threat protection throughput compared to Fortinet’s Fortigate 100F.

“The financial bottom line is impressive. Lower cost for the hardware combined with no license charge for the standby unit and higher throughput claims adds up to an impressive financial value.” -Tolly Analyst Brief

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You install them, configure them, and leave them alone. Job done.

Rod Armstrong, Asset Management Technical Services, City of Courtenay.

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