SonicWall vs
Palo Alto Networks

SonicWall firewalls win the competition against Palo Alto Networks as a fully integrated network, cloud and wireless solution. As a result, you gain seamless protection and simplified management throughout your entire network environment from SonicWall, with a lower total cost of ownership.

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Certified Higher Performance and Lower Cost

When an independent testing firm compared SonicWall firewalls with those from Palo Alto Networks, they found that Palo Alto’s total three-year cost of ownership is almost four times the cost of SonicWall ($192K vs. $692K). This is remarkable considering that SonicWall’s NSsp 13700 has a threat prevention throughput almost twice Palo Alto’s comparable system (45.5 Gbps vs. 23.0 Gbps).

SonicWall firewalls have perfect scores for detection with zero false positives from ICSA Labs Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat Defense certification programs. So that means when we say our firewalls have a high-security effectiveness rating, we have the proof.

Feature Palo Alto Networks
SonicWall offers better performance at a lower price point than Palo Alto Networks and this data has been independtly verified by Tolly Group. Cost per Gbps for Threat Protection

$192,095 (NSsp 13700)

$692,600 (PA-5250) x3.6

>7x Higher Cost

SonicWall offers multi-engine and patented Real-Time Deep Memory InspectionTM. In ICSA Labs Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) testing , SonicWall detected 100% of previously unknown threats with no false positives. Palo Alto Networks solution lacks multi-engine and deep memory inspection. Third-Party Verified Multi-Engine Sandbox with Deep Memory Inspection

SonicWall includes secure SD-WAN features with firewalls at no additional cost. Palo Alto Networks charges for SD-WAN (PA-5250 customers pay $48,000 for three years). Secure SD-WAN

Included at no additional cost

Additional cost

Palo Alto Networks only offers legacy virtual systems. SonicWall's multi-instance offering is a more powerful architecture with a modern approach to legacy multi-tenancy. Multi-Instance Firewall

SonicWall offers a complete and integrated cybersecurity solution, including secure DNS Security, SD-WAN, Switch, Wireless Security, Email Security, client-less SSL VPN and more. With Palo Alto Networks, you need to pay for DNS Security and SD-WAN, and it lacks switches, 4G/5G modem, email security and client-less VPN. Wireless WAN, Switches, Email Security & Client-less SSL VPN

SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) offers unified and flexible management options including cloud-based management. Palo Alto Networks does not have cloud-based management. Cloud Management Platform

The SonicWall desktop firewalls features wireless and 2.5/5.0/10 ports, while Palo Alto Networks does not. 2.5/5.0/10 GbE Ports & Built-in Wireless on Desktop Firewalls

SonicWall does not charge for firewall licenses on standby high-availability (HA) units and does not require additional HA licenses for security services. Palo Alto Networks not only charges extra for firewall licenses on a standby HA unit, but also charges for security services on the standby HA unit. High Availability (HA) License



SonicWall received ICSA Labs Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat Defense certifications. Palo Alto Networks firewalls do not have ICSA Labs Anti-Malware and Advanced Threat Defense (Sandboxing) certifications. ICSA Anti-Virus & Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) Certifications

SonicWall Better on Every Level

100% Detection Rate with No False Positives

SonicWall's Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service includes patented RTDMI™ technology that catches more malware, and with greater speed and accuracy, than older behavior-based sandboxing methods used by most other firewalls. In the fourth quarterly test in a row conducted by ICSA Labs ATD certification evaluation, SonicWall firewalls equipped with Capture ATP caught 100% of malware, including previously unknown variants, with no false positives.

SonicWall catches more malware and with greater speed and accuracy. Certified no false positives.

Full Integration Matters

SonicWall offers full integration for all network components, including wireless, switches and firewalls. Integrated secure SD-WAN is also included as part of our firewalls. When we say, ‘full integration,’ we also mean total visibility of all components in our cloud management platform for greater security and productivity. Many of our products also meet or exceed TAA, NDAA, FIPS 140-2, DoDIN, APL, CSfC and other standards.

SonicWall cloud management provides full integration and total visibility for all components.

An ‘Impressive’ Financial Bottom Line

SonicWall delivers robust security and network management solutions, with a three-year total cost of ownership (TCO), often a fraction of our competitors. A third-party analyst concluded that SonicWall presents an ‘impressive’ financial bottom line for network owners and operators. The analyst went on to note that with lower cost for the hardware combined with no license charge for the standby unit and higher throughput, SonicWall offers ‘an impressive financial value.’

SonicWall delivers a 3-year TCO that's a fraction of our competitors. An impressive financial value.

With the variety of features in the firewall series, and consistent OS across the product line, SonicWall has simplified and secured our gateway and kept our offices communicating as if we were all in the same room.

Scott Shultis, Network Administrator, JND Legal Administration

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