SonicWall K-12 Networking & Security Solutions

Cyber security issues are challenging for K-12 IT network managers trying to protect their student and faculty data while ensuring a safe, technology-savvy learning environment.

SonicWall eliminates these challenges with a ‘Fear Less’ approach. Tailored for K-12 environments, our suite of networking security products are cost-effective, easy to use, manage and deploy.

How to Use E-Rate Funding

If you are utilizing E-Rate funding to assist you in buying your networking and cyber security solutions, SonicWall can help. Our team of E-Rate funding experts ensure your SonicWall solution aligns with the rules and regulations of the E-Rate program.

SonicWall provides services in the following areas:

  • Managed Internal Broadband Services
  • Internal Connections
  • Basic Maintenance for Internal Connections

Solution Options with E-Rate Funding

Solution Options with E-Rate Funding

You have choices with SonicWall. To purchase your network security solution with E-Rate funding, SonicWall experts will help you match the network or security solutions that fit your goals and budget.

We offer both Internal Connection solutions, which are the traditional capital outlay for purchase of the equipment, and a managed solution through Managed Internal Broadband Services. Both solutions meet eligibility requirements of the E-Rate program.


Simplify Costs via SECaaS

School and campus networks range in size and manage different types of sensitive data. Mitigating potential weak points in the network — and the data that can be targeted — is no easy task for standard IT teams that haven’t undergone extensive cyber security training.

SonicWall Security as a Service (SECaaS) is an alternative solution for schools that do not have a large capital outlay to invest in a future-proof security solutions or a dedicated IT team trained to manage cyber security.

California School District Improves Security, Reduces Costs

California School District Improves Security, Reduces Costs
Like many school districts, the Calistoga Joint Unified School District needed to protect student data and privacy with a tight budget. How did the district bolster security, keep costs manageable and avoid large upfront expenditures? Explore the latest SonicWall case study.


SonicWall falls under Category 2 funding for Basic Maintenance for Internal Connections.

Getting Started with E-Rate

SonicWall can discuss its products and services prior to the posting of a school/library Form 470, which begins the competitive bidding process. Once Form 470 is filed, SonicWall and its partners are restricted to rules and regulations of the program and are respondents to the bidding.