SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

IPv6 HA Monitoring Considerations

Consider the following when configuring IPv6 HA Monitoring:

  • In the Interface Settings dialog, enable Physical/Link Monitoring and Override Virtual MAC are dimmed because they are layer 2 properties. That is, the properties are used by both IPv4 and IPv6, so you configure them in the IPv4 monitoring page.
  • The primary/backup IPv6 address must be in the same subnet of the interface, and it can not be same as the global IP and Link-Local-IP of the primary/backup Security Appliance.
  • If the primary/backup monitoring IP is set to (not ::), then they cannot be the same.
  • If Allow Management on Primary/Secondary IPv6 Address is enabled, then primary/backup monitoring IPv6 addresses cannot be unspecified (that is, ::).
  • If Logical/Probe IPv6 Address is enabled, then the probe IP cannot be unspecified.

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