SonicOS/X 7 High Availability

About Active/Standby HA

HA allows two identical Security Appliances running SonicOS to be configured to provide a reliable, continuous connection to the public Internet. One Security Appliance is configured as the Primary unit, and an identical Security Appliance is configured as the Secondary unit. In the event of the failure of the Primary Security Appliance, the Secondary Security Appliance takes over to secure a reliable connection between the protected network and the Internet. Two Security Appliances configured in this way are also known as a High Availability Pair (HA Pair).

Active/Standby HA provides standard, high availability, and hardware failover functionality with the option of enabling stateful HA and Active/Active DPI.

HA provides a way to share licenses between two Security Appliances when one is acting as a high availability system for the other. To use this feature, you must register the Security Appliances on MySonicWall as Associated Products. Both Security Appliances must be the same SonicWall model.

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