Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Administration Guide

Powering Up and Configuring Basic Network Settings

After you’ve connected the appliance, you are ready to power up for the first time and begin the configuration process. You use a Web-based Setup Wizard to configure the settings needed to get the appliance up and running quickly, but to start the wizard you must first enter information that enables a Web browser to connect to your appliance.

After your appliance is configured, you can control its configuration and operation from AMC, the Appliance Management Console. On the LCD screen of the appliance you can also see basic information about the appliance (its name and internal address, for example) or restart it, which is useful if your appliance is not in the same area as the browser you use to run AMC.

You cannot run Setup Wizard on an appliance that has already been configured unless you first restore the appliance’s factory default configuration settings. This applies whether you initially configured the appliance using Setup Wizard, or by running setup_tool from the command line. See Configuring the Appliance Using the Management Console

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