Secure and re-architect your massively distributed networks with a zero-touch, cost-effective platform.

  • Allow users, data and devices to work anywhere — without breaking the budget.

    Meet the reality of a remote workforce head-on with protection that secures all places of work across homes, borders, office locations, branches and more at a significantly better TCO than the alternatives.

  • Make your money work smarter.

    Eliminate costly infrastructure and seamlessly provision and manage remote or branch locations with software-defined security and wireless solutions designed for simple and/or remote onboarding.

  • Deploy and scale with speed.

    Use cost-effective SD-WAN capabilities to leverage cheaper internet links. Leverage Zero-Touch Deployment to quickly and easily deploy and manage devices across multiple branch or remote locations.

  • Add enterprise-grade security everywhere.

    Deploy enterprise-grade security everywhere, regardless of the number of users or locations. Give all networks — physical, virtual, wireless or distributed in the work-from-home reality — the top-notch protection required against modern cyberthreats.

  • Comply with industry-specific regulations.

    Roll out client-side filtering to comply with regulatory requirements and prevent users outside your network from accessing malicious content or websites.

What You'll Need

Physical Firewall

Advanced threat protection for proactive organizations, global enterprises, service providers and government agencies. Discover network security made boundless.

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Virtual Firewall

Add advanced next-generation cloud security to your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Endpoint Protection

Control the health of your endpoints with advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR).

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Advanced Threat Protection

Discover and block both known and unknow cyberattacks, never-before-seen malware and zero-day exploits — all in real time.

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Wireless Security

Enhance Wi-Fi security and performance with cloud-based deployment and management solutions.

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Security Management

Integrate security management, analytics and real-time threat intelligence across your SonicWall ecosystem.

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Build Your Boundless Cybersecurity Solution

With the SonicWall Customer Loyalty Program, you can trade in your old security product – regardless of manufacturer – and get special pricing on award-winning SonicWall products and services. Bundle additional solutions and get additional discounts with our Boundless Bundle offer. The more you layer security across your organization, the more you save on your bundle.


Customer Testimonials

"SonicWall firewalls are easy to manage and this reduces our costs. We have three sites with different operating systems and SonicWall is efficient for all of them."

Sabatino Fusco
IT Manager, Accredia
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"They have been able to connect us together over remote sites and provide us a level of security that we have been needing against outside threats."

Nathan Bergman
System Administrator, Flint Communications
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"We have multiple small satellite offices and found the SonicWall TZ series to be a cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution for our security and network access needs."

Joseph Gallagher
CAO, New Directions Youth & Family Services
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"We bundle SonicWall appliances as part of our ClearPath solution. We count on the firewall features to secure access to our management LAN."

Senior IT Architect, Fortune 500 Computer Services Company
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"Simply, they have made our lives easier. We are easily able to configure and deploy a device without having to spend hours to get everything right. When it comes time to rotate out a device, the ability to pull a config from the existing device and place it on the new device saves our time, as well as money for our clients."

Shane Eldredge
Network Administrator, Firefly
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"We have a lot of remote offices that VPN into a central organization. They all use SonicWall TZ 300s. They run well with few issues. When issues arise, I call SonicWall and there is a quick resolution."

Hugo Lotti
IT Director, Pinellas County Housing Authority
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"The SonicWall NSa firewall has provided us with a brilliant level of security and was very cost-effective for our organization. It is a great improvement upon the device we were using previously."

Michael Dean
IT Manager, Bishop Challoner Catholic College
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"Our corporate office has a SonicWall TZ215 in place that is the primary device where all VPNs point to network traffic. I have 10 active sites running all day and have rarely, if ever, had a dropped connection. Each of our 10 locations is outfitted with an appropriate TZ model, wifi/non-WiFi, to fit their application needs."

Thomas Hallendorff
IT Director, Missouri Valley Petroleum
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"Lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) over previous Cisco firewalls."

Suzanne Lieblein
IT Manager, Foremost
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