The Cybersecurity Controls Every School District Should Implement Now

There is no shortage of advice and guidance available to enterprise organizations on how to implement a robust cybersecurity risk management program. Yet, most of this advice is not well-targeted to the real-world needs and constraints facing school districts, especially those without dedicated cybersecurity staff.

This session highlights a short list of common sense, cost-effective cybersecurity steps that every school district should take to protect their K-12 communities from the most common cyber risks facing school districts nationwide.

  • Likelihood of a cyberattack
  • The impact of a cyberattack on your school
  • Ease of deployment of an effective protection

Presented by: Doug Levin, national director of the K-12 Security Information Exchange (K12 SIX)

Moderated by: David Nagel, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director,
THE Journal