Phishing in the Age of SaaS

An Essential Guide for Businesses and Users

Phishing attacks have become the primary hacking method used against organizations. There was a tendency to blame the user, but attacks have evolved to appear so genuine that they can fool the most security-savvy recipient. Phishing attacks have recently experienced newfound success with the proliferation of SaaS in the workplace.

In this eBook, learn how phishing continues to be a very effective hacking method for many reasons.

  • By leveraging the standard communication channels, hackers have direct access to all users in the organization.
  • Computer-based filters eventually fail because hackers constantly reverse engineer the algorithm until they find a way through.
  • Hackers are well organized and looking for monetization from ransomware.
  • Phishing is easier on SaaS platforms.

The SonicWall Cloud App Security was designed to defend against all forms of SaaS phishing attacks and overcome the weaknesses of earlier perimeter-based protection. Read this eBook to find out more.