Best Practices for Secure Mobile Access

Today's digital workspace requires secure mobile access, yet obstacles stand in the way.

Supporting business goals for today's digital workspace requires secure mobile access, yet obstacles stand in the way of balancing security, access, performance, and value. Best practices for effectively implementing a protected mobile workforce include maintaining high security, connectivity, robust performance, and low total cost of ownership. This solution brief details practical steps to achieve those best practices.

Whether for ensuring business continuity or enhancing workforce retention and productivity, more organizations embrace mobility, work-at-home, and flex-time for their employees. A robust and reliable access security service has never been more critical to achieving business goals with a mobile and remote workforce. A key element of ensuring reliable mobile access is maintaining security updates, but maintenance can disrupt service and performance. Organizations need to maintain a flexible work environment without losing availability, but deploying a highly available service can be complicated, costly, and time-consuming.

Effective cybersecurity must include secure mobile access. However, providing mobile access in today's anywhere/anytime, hyper-distributed world opens an explosion of exposure points over a myriad of potentially insecure mobile endpoint devices. Human fallibility and risky online behavior mandate a posture that employees cannot be trusted to ensure their own mobile devices' security. Moreover, the array of threat types is expanding, deepening, and getting smarter, including targeted ransomware, never-before-seen threats, memory-based malware, side-channel attacks, and encrypted threats. Ultimately, the security of your mobile network must match that of your wired network.

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