WiFi Planner

Leverage the intuitive, easy-to-use surveying capabilities of
SonicWall WiFi Planner. Design and deploy secure wireless networks that enhance the user experience and ensure workforce productivity. Trust the SonicWall WiFi Planner to help you make sound Wi-Fi coverage decisions that account for different types of office spaces, floor plans, building materials, power requirements, signal strengths, channel widths and radio bands.


Design and plan your wireless network with the SonicWall WiFi Planner. Deploy access points for multiple sites with comprehensive heat map analysis, granular control and flexibility. As a result, you’ll optimize wireless coverage with the fewest possible access points, which helps lower the total cost of ownership. The WiFi Planner is a feature of the SonicWall Wireless Network Manager.

Features and Benefits


Simplify planning with an advanced, easy-to-use wireless site survey tool in a single pane of glass.

Maximize Coverage

Obtain maximum coverage with the fewest number of access points, and identify and eliminate dead spots in existing deployment.

Optimize Design

Upload, scale, and manage your floor plans, and prevent interference on a best-effort basis through auto-channel assignment.


Examine Wi-Fi coverage patterns for 2.4 or 5 GHz and fine-tune access point placement for different building obstacles, including all types of walls and structures (wood, concrete, metal).

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