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The SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program accelerates our partners’ ability to be thought leaders and game changers in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. From superior products and technical expertise to aggressive margins and partner loyalty, when you become a SecureFirst partner with SonicWall, you partner to win.

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What Our Partners Say

As a reseller who’s business is based on strong relationships with our customers we only work with vendors with whom we feel we can find trust and real partnership. 18 years of working with SonicWall as a primary vendor through changing local and international teams is proof to us that these values don’t come and go with faces but are part of their DNA, making them an ideal long term security partner.

Pete Kearney
Director, NetThreat (UK)

In SonicWall we have a true business partner, willing to help our business serve our clients with industry leading products backed by great support and strong and clear management and leadership. More importantly when things go a little wrong, and sometimes they do, I always feel confident that our SonicWall management team will help us through the difficulty and be as flexible as possible towards us and our clients. What more can you ask for in a vendor partner?

Michael O'Neill
Managed Services Director, CMI (UK)

With SonicWall it is a true partnership in every sense of the word, we very much feel that we are in it together and that they are invested in our success.

Kevin Crean
Accounts and Revenue Director, Nostra (Ireland)

SonicWall is a company committed to empowering their partners. We always participate in commercial and technical training resulting in a highly trained team to serve our customers.

Márcio Mingorance
Founding Partner, Yes Security (Brazil)

We have been SonicWall Partners since our company was founded. We see SonicWall as an ally to solve our clients' challenges and problems and have many customer success stories.

Juan M. Osorio
Technology Director, Blue Ocean Company S. A. (Paraguay)

SonicWall is a different company, they have excellent products and commercial conditions, but the difference is in the relationship between the SonicWall team and the partners, this is what really sets them apart.

Jorge Quintão,
Innovation Director, Netsol (Brazil)

SonicWall’s leading edge solutions, training and sales and tech support make working with them easy and selling their products even easier.

Nicolai Landzettel
CEO, Data-Sec GmbH (Germany)

Working with SonicWall gives you the feeling of a true partnership at every level. You work together towards the same goal and win together through successful work.

Sebastian Lindner
Geschäftsführer, Tarador GmbH (Germany)

With Sonicwall, we experience a true partnership. We celebrate successes together, but we also solve problems together. Our employees are well informed both technically and commercially by SonicWall. In the case of customer projects, SonicWall is happy to go along to customer appointments or act as a sounding board for the solution we have devised. At DataByte, the customer is our main focus and it is for this reason that we have been a Sonicwall partner for many years!

John Heijnen
Founder/CEO, DataByte (Netherlands)

We have been working and collaborating with SonicWall as strategic partners for many years and during this time we have sold over 1000 SonicWall firewalls to our customers, who are very satisfied with the technology. Over time, we have also been offering new solutions from the SonicWall portfolio to these customers, in addition to cross-selling and up-selling solutions such as Cloud Application Security, Secure Mobile Access, SonicWaves, Switches, Capture Client, etc. For Nunsys, as a Platinum partner of SonicWall, this relationship means a very profitable recurrent business.

Jesús Pérez
Managing Director, Nunsys (Spain)

We are a SonicWall Partner and recommend SonicWall solutions to both our SMB and Enterprise customers. With their ubiquitous security offering and patented cutting-edge technologies, such as RTDMI™, SonicWall is one of the most complete and high-performance offerings available today, much to the benefit of our customers.

Philippe Hanus
Manager, NetWalker (France)

As a managed service provider, our clients depend on us to manage their day-to-day business operations which requires a high level of trust and reliability. We need to have vendors who can offer this kind of trustworthy reliability to us, and we have this with our SonicWall team. They are invested in our success and growth, and that is something we cannot say about every partner we have.

Ben Taylor
Director Business Development, lougeek (USA)

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