Sales Engineer Kevin Smith will be providing an overview on the Gen7 NSv as well as cover details on the addition of the Gen7 NSv gear being added to our MSSP offering.

In this webinar, Tim will cover how to setup and configure DPI-SSL on a SonicWall SonicOS7 Firewall. Tim will explore how the technology works and go over some of the challenges that come with the decryption and inspection of SSL/TLS traffic with DPI-SSL.

Product Manager Ankur Maiti will provide an overview of MySonicWall including Best Practices and Tips.

SonicWall’s 2022 Full Line Review – Best In Class Security from Cloud to Endpoint

Join your PacNW SonicWall team and see what we have been up to, review our full suite of products and ask any questions of your team.

  • Complete Gen7 Firewall Lineup
  • Capture Client New Features & Enhancements
  • New Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Points

This 30-minute Web seminar takes a close look at what’s new in the SonicWALL Aventail 10.5.1 and how it can dramatically improve your endpoint control and mobility efforts.

Join this event to learn:

– New capabilities for establishing device identity during endpoint interrogation

– How to control access from multiple unmanaged and managed devices including iPhone, Symbian and Android

– Ways to enable access and implement policy based upon, device, location and user

Enterprises worldwide are stepping up the rate at which they are employing server virtualization. Accruing the many benefits of server virtualization, however, is not simply a matter of implementing related products from vendors offering virtualization. In particular, IT departments must also be in a position to address several significant security challenges applicable to virtualized computing environments. Chief among these are the risks introduced by hypervisors, virtual networks, and workload migration capabilities. Join this Web seminar to learn more about the importance of securing the virtualized network. Discover the way that today’s enterprises can fully realize the benefits of server virtualization and resulting dynamic data centers.

New Web-based applications offer significant benefits for today’s business. They are at the heart of innovative Web 2.0, cloud computing and mobility initiatives that can increase productivity, enhance collaboration, streamline operations and reduce costs. However these new applications are bandwidth hungry, and can expose the network to new sophisticated threats. As a result, IT is struggling to prioritize network application usage and perform triage. Join this web seminar to discover how Application Intelligence and Control can enable you to easily detect and control these applications.