Capture Client Protecting Assets with Security Policies

Trusted Certificate Policies

Trust Certificates is another agent Capture Client offers for protection. To view the Trusted Certificates policies, navigate to Policies > Trusted Certificates. The Trusted Certificates page shows trusted certificates parameters used in your environment.

To define a Trusted Certificate policy

  1. Log into the Client Management Console and select the appropriate scope to define a trusted certificate policy.
  2. Disable inheritance if enabled.
  3. Add or remove certificates in the NATIVE OS TRUST by enabling or disabling the Windows Certificate Store and or macOS Keychain options.

    By default, Windows Certificate Store and macOS Keychain options are enabled by default.

  4. Define Firefox support in the FIREFOX BROWSER TRUST section, if needed. Select from the following:

    • Trust certificates in Firefox certificate store
    • Configure Firefox to trust OS certificate store
    • None
  5. To add certificates to the ENFORCED CERTIFICATES section, click Upload Certificates, browse the file, and click Upload.

  6. Enable the switch if you want to Retain trust when Capture Client is uninstalled.
  7. Click Update.

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