Security Advisory: Buffer Overflow in HTTP Request Header Leads to Partial Memory Leak

First Published:06/21/2021 Last Updated:06/22/2021

SonicWall physical and virtual firewalls running certain versions of SonicOS may contain a vulnerability where the HTTP server response leaks partial memory. This can potentially lead to an internal sensitive data disclosure vulnerability.

At this time, there is no indication that the discovered vulnerability is being exploited in the wild.


SonicWall strongly advises customers apply the respective SonicOS patch immediately. After reviewing this security advisory, please go to MySonicWall and download the appropriate SonicOS patch release from the table below.

PlatformsSonicOS Running Version SonicOS Patch Release (Update to version or later) 
NSa, TZ (GEN7)NSa,TZ- 7.0.1-713 and older7.0.0-R906 and later, 7.0.1-R1456
NSsp (GEN7)NSsp- below < and later, 7.0.1-R579
NSv (Virtual: GEN7)NSsp 7.0.1-R10367.0.1-R1282/R1283
NSa, TZ, SOHO W, SuperMassive 92xx/94xx/96xx (GEN6+) and older6.5.4.8-89n
NSsp 12K, SuperMassive 98006.5.1.12-3n and olderPending Release
SuperMassive 10k6.0.5.3-94o and olderPending Release
NSv (Virtual: VMWare/Hyper-V/AWS/Azure/KVM)SonicOSv - and older6.5.4.4-44v-21-1288

For step-by-step guidance on upgrading your SonicOS firmware, please reference “How to Update SonicOS Firmware.”

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