SonicWall Global Management System (GMS)

Rapidly deploy and centrally manage your SonicWall solutions

A Holistic approach to security governance, compliance and risk management

The SonicWall Global Management System (GMS®) provides a holistic way to manage your entire network security environment by controlling business processes and meeting service levels. At the GMS core is a distributed architecture that facilitates limitless system scalability. Supporting the largest of distributed enterprises and MSSPs, a single instance of GMS can scale to bring thousands of SonicWall security devices under its management regardless of location.


Path to better security and compliance

Not having a coherent, big-picture view of the whole security ecosystem leaves your organizations at risk to preventable cyber-attacks or compliance violations. GMS solve these challenges by merging security management, analytic and forensic and reporting to form a unified security governance, compliance and risk management strategy.

With GMS, organizations gets a secure and extensible platform to manage SonicWall firewall, wireless access point, email security and secure mobile access solutions through a correlated and auditable work-stream process. The process enables security teams to move fast and drive collaboration, communication and knowledge across the shared security framework to keep their network sharp, safe and compliant.

Centralized and unified management

With GMS, organizations can federate all operational aspects of the security infrastructure. This includes centralized policy management and enforcement, real-time event monitoring, granular data analytics and reporting, audit trails and a lot more under a unified enterprise platform.

Grow with limitless system scalability

At the GMS core is a distributed architecture that facilitates limitless system scalability. A single instance of GMS can gain visibility and control of thousands of your network security devices under its management regardless of location. At the customer-facing level, the GMS universal dashboard utilizes cutting-edge user interface design and usability concepts that work together to provide consistent operator workflows across the security ecosystem.


Legend: S — Standard,  O — Optional,  N — Not Available

SolutionAnalyzerGMSCloud GMS
Policy ManagementNSS
Deployment OptionsAnalyzerGMSCloud GMS
Deployable as Virtual ApplianceSSCloud
Deployable as Software ApplicationSSCloud
Deployable for management and reporting in an IPv6 networkSSS
ReportingAnalyzerGMSCloud GMS
Comprehensive Set of Graphical ReportsSSS
Compliance ReportingSScoming in Advanced Reporting
Customizable Reporting with Drill Down CapabilitiesSSS
Centralized LoggingSSS
Multi-threat ReportingSSS
User-based ReportingSSS
Application Usage ReportingSSS
New Attack IntelligenceSSS
Bandwidth and Services Report per InterfaceSSS
Reporting for SonicWall UTM Firewall AppliancesSSS
Reporting for SonicWall SRA SSL VPN AppliancesSSN
Universal Scheduled ReportsSSN
Next-generation Syslog-based ReportingSSN
Flexible and Granular Near Real-Time ReportingSSS
User-centric ReportingSSS
Per User Bandwidth ReportingSSS
More Granular Services ReportingSSS
Client VPN Activity ReportingSSN
More Detailed Summary of Services over VPN ReportSSN
Rogue Wireless Access Point ReportingSSN
SRA SMB Web Application Firewall (WAF) ReportingSSN
ManagementAnalyzerGMSCloud GMS
Ubiquitous AccessSSS
Alerts and NotificationsSSS
Diagnostic ToolsSSS
Multiple Concurrent User SessionsNSS
Offline Management and SchedulingNSS
Management of Security Firewall PoliciesNSS
Management of Security VPN PoliciesNSS
Management of CDP PoliciesNSN
Management of Email Security PoliciesNSN
Management of Secure Remote Access/SSL VPN PoliciesNSN
Management of Value Added Security ServicesNSS
Define Policy Templates at the Group LevelNSS
Policy Replication from Device to a Group of DevicesNSS
Policy Replication from Group Level to a Single DeviceNSS
Redundancy and High AvailabilityNScloud-based
Provisioning ManagementNSS
Scalable and Distributed ArchitectureNScloud-based
Dynamic Management ViewsNSS
Unified License ManagerNSS
Command Line Interface (CLI)NSN
Web Services Application Programming Interface (API)NSN
Role Based Management (Users, Groups)NSS
Universal DashboardNSN
Backup of preference files for firewall and SRA SMB appliancesNSS
MonitoringAnalyzerGMSCloud GMS
IPFIX Data Flows in Real timeNSS
SNMP Support for SonicWall devices S N
Active Device Monitoring and AlertingSSS
SNMP Relay ManagementNSN
VPN and Firewall Status MonitoringSSS
Live Syslog Monitoring and AlertingSSN

Legend: S — Standard,  O — Optional,  N — Not Available

Please look to the SonicWall Analyzer product for reporting and analytics capabilities. Analyzer is not included with the Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite.