Retail & Hospitality

Build consumer confidence and brand loyalty with security that exceeds PCI compliance mandates

Whether selling through a single site, online or a chain of locations, your customers demand a safe environment for their transactions. SonicWall makes compliance management for retail and hospitality environments simple and affordable. You can be sure that when your staff or customers use the web to connect to POS applications, inventory or credit card applications, access will be fast, secure and will meet stringent retail PCI compliance security standards.

No one is immune to the advanced and emerging threats such as ransomware and encrypted attacks, but you can protect your locations and customers with a robust, real-time breach prevention system. Our SonicWall Next Generation Firewall with Capture Advanced Threat Protection service gives you greater confidence knowing that even suspicious-looking files are rigorously evaluated before they enter your network.

More than 15,000 retailers worldwide, large and small, rely on SonicWall for:

  • Fast, secure and easy-to-manage wireless access for customers and employees
  • Scalable email security that protects both your data and your customers' data
  • Centralized security management that increases effectiveness while decreasing admin costs

Safe data exchange with multiple locations

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Whether you have two or 500 locations, your daily data exchange with storefronts is safe. You can also enhance customer satisfaction by making your wireless network as secure as your wired network. A safe environment improves communication and productivity across your organization while ensuring PCI compliance to protect your customers' sensitive data.

Scalable Protection for High-Transaction Volume Retailers

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It's possible to keep transactions secure without compromising network performance. Go beyond standard retail PCI compliance with our mid-range and high-end solutions to deliver industry-leading deep packet inspection performance and the highest concurrent connections and connections per second. Combined with our Advanced Gateway Security Suite powered by Capture, your network will be safer with real-time breach prevention in place.

Enterprise-class VPN/secure mobile access

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For large-scale national retailers, provide secure mobile and remote access for up to 20,000 concurrent users from a single appliance. And for retailers of any size, you can easily extend VPN access to resources from managed or personal devices and mobile apps by checking the user identity and security profile of the endpoint.

Scalable email security that protects business and customer data

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Whether at a corporate office or a storefront, email is everywhere. And, most breaches initiate through email. With Capture added to our Email security solution, you'll have the same benefits of multi-engine sandboxing that are available on our firewalls. You can scale easily and cost-effectively from 10 to 100,000 mailboxes. Deploy as hardware appliances, virtual appliances or software.

Centralized management


Rapidly deploy and centrally manage your network security to ensure compliance, drive down costs and increase productivity. Gain deep insight into the health, performance and security of your retail network. Easily manage network security policy, wireless access, WAN acceleration and switch ports globally from a single console. Analyze trends and suspicious behavior with real-time monitoring and alerts, as well as historic monitoring, logging and reporting.