Wireless & Mobile Access

Stop cyberattacks across wired, wireless and mobile networks


Organizations today need to provide workers with high-speed access to resources over wired, wireless and mobile networks. However, cybercriminals are leveraging each of these vectors to initiate advanced attacks, with hidden threats and zero-day attacks. Organizations can also lose control over data in remote team environments using wireless and mobile networks that connect to cloud services. Disruption in access leads to a loss of productivity, gives rise to shadow IT, and creates gaps in an organization’s security posture. Workers expect access to resources on wired and mobile networks to be as secure, fast and user-friendly as access on wired networks.

Security across all networks should include core next-generation firewall services, deep packet inspection of encrypted traffic (DPI-SSL), and cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing. Wireless networks should leverage the performance, range and reliability of 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless technology in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Mobile networks should provide a consistent access experience using federated single sign-on to both cloud and on premise resources, with both multi-factor authentication and endpoint control. And with the continuing increase in the number of connected devices and encrypted connections, performance is key to effective security, whether across wired, wireless or mobile networks.

SonicWall solutions – including NSA 2650 firewalls, SonicWave access points, and Secure Mobile Access appliances – can extend breach detection and prevention seamlessly across your wired, wireless and mobile networks.


SonicWall SMA delivers reliable and robust access security with policy-enforced SSL VPN to mission-critical applications, data and resources from any device. The solution incorporates the following seven core themes to deliver secure access services.

1. Access Management: Continual access enforcement both at the endpoint and at the edge helps secure corporate data from loss and theft.
2. Superior Security: Ensure that the highest security stance is maintained for compliance and data protection by utilizing the latest ciphers and strongest encryption available.
3. Resilience: Empower the service owner through a series of tools to deliver a service with zero downtime and fulfill very aggressive SLAs.
4. Advanced Authentication: Provide a consistent and simple user experience through single sign-on (SSO), while protecting against threat actors and credential harvesting.

5. Intuitive User Experience: Offer a positive user experience that ensures users adopt the strongest security policies and avoid shadow IT scenarios, which pose a serious risk of data loss.
6. Central Management and Reporting: Streamline management while providing extensive reporting capabilities.
7. Extensibility: Empower customers, partners and third-parties by integrating with industry leaders and providing powerful APIs.

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