Network Security Manager On-Premises System Administration Guide


Manage your certificates on the Certificates page. Navigate to System | Settings > Certificates to see the list of certificates.

The following functions can be used to manage your certificates:

SearchUse the Search function to find a specific certificate or filter to a set with similar parameters.
Generate Self Signed CertificateClick this icon to generate a single certificate.

To import a list of certificates:

  1. Click the Import icon to a list of active certificates.
  2. Browse your computer for the folder name and select it.
  3. Enter the password if applicable.
  4. Click Upload.
DeleteSelect the certificate you want to delete and click the Delete icon. You can select multiple certificates to delete at the same time.
RefreshClicking Refresh updates the certificate list.

There are two options to import the certificates -

  • Local certificate with private key.
  • CA certificate from encoded file.

Only one certificate can be used as a CAC authentication certificate.

Select Import a local end-user certificate with private key from a PKCS#12 (.p12 or .pfx) encoded file.

Next, enter the Certificate Name and the Certificate Management Password (the password you defined when creating the .pfx file). Click Import.

Import a CA certificate from a PKCS#7 (.p7b), PEM (.pem) or DER (.der or .cer) encoded file

Click Add File and browse to locate and open your Certificate .pfx file. Click Upload to upload the selected


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