Secure Mobile Access 12.4 Connect Tunnel User Guide

Updating the Connect Tunnel Application

The network administrator may issue software updates when a new version of the Connect Tunnel software becomes available, or when your network requirements change. Your administrator determines whether to make software updates available, and when.

If your administrator has enabled Connect Tunnel software updating, an alert appears during the login process whenever an Connect Tunnel update is ready to download.

To download and install a software update

  • During login, if the Connect Tunnel Software Update dialog box appears to indicate that a software update is available, the available options depend on how your administrator has configured software updating:

    • Click Update to download and install the software update immediately. If you select this option, the software update is installed, then the login process continues.
    • Click Remind Me Later (if available) to postpone the software update and continue logging in. If you select this option, Connect Tunnel prompts you again (once per day) until you download and install the update by clicking Update. Depending on how your administrator has configured Connect Tunnel, this option may be unavailable.
    • Click Cancel to cancel the software update and the login process.

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