Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Configuring NetExtender Properties

To configure NetExtender properties

  1. Right click the icon in the system tray and click Properties... The NetExtender Properties window displays.

Connection Profiles tab

The Connection Profiles tab displays the Secure Mobile Access connection profiles you have used, including the IP address of the SMA server, the domain, and the username.

  1. To create a shortcut on your desktop that launches NetExtender with the specified profile, highlight the profile and click Create Shortcut.
  2. To delete a profile, highlight it by clicking on it and then click Remove. Click Remove All to delete all connection profiles.
  3. Click Apply to save your changes.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to customize the behavior of NetExtender.

To have NetExtender connect to a specific profile when starting up your computer, select Automatically connect with profile and select the profile from the drop-down menu.

  1. To have NetExtender launch when you log in to your computer, select the Automatically start NetExtender UI. NetExtender starts, but is only displayed in the system tray. To have the NetExtender login window display, select Display NetExtender UI.
  2. Select Minimize to the tray icon when NetExtender window is closed to have the NetExtender icon display in the system tray. If this option is not selected, you are only able to access the NetExtender UI through Window’s program menu.
  3. Select Minimize to the tray icon when NetExtender connected to have the NetExtender icon display in the system tray when you are connected.
  4. Select Display Connect/Disconnect Tips from the System Tray to have NetExtender display tips when you mouse over the NetExtender icon.
  5. Select Automatically reconnect when the connection is terminated to have NetExtender attempt to reconnect when it loses connection.
  6. Select Automatically reconnect when computer resumed to have NetExtender reconnect when the computer resumes from a sleep or a locked mode.
  7. Select Display precise number in connection status to display precise byte value information in the connection status.
  8. Select Enable UI animations to enable the sliding animation effects in the UI.
  9. Select Uninstall NetExtender automatically to have NetExtender uninstall every time you end a session.
  10. Select Disconnect an active connection to have NetExtender log out of all of your SSL VPN sessions when you exit a NetExtender session.
  11. Select Uninstall EPC Agent automatically to have the Endpoint Control Agent uninstalled when NetExtender is uninstalled from the system.
  12. Click OK to save your changes.

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