Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Adding Bookmarks

Bookmarks provide a convenient way for you to access Web, FTP, or other services on the remote network that you connect to frequently.

To define bookmarks

  1. In the Virtual Office window at the top of the bookmarks table, click +.

  2. In the Add Bookmark screen, enter a name in the Bookmark Name field.

  3. Enter the domain name, IP address, or IPv6 address of a host machine on the LAN in the Name or IP Address field. IPv6 addresses should be enclosed in brackets (meaning the [ and ] symbols). You can also enter the wildcard variable %USERNAME% to display the current user name. Variables are case-sensitive.
  4. In the Description field, optionally enter a friendly description to be displayed in the bookmark table.
  5. In the Categories field, optionally enter a comma-separated list of tabs where this bookmark should appear. Standard tabs (Desktop, Web, Files, Terminal, and Mobile) do not need to be specified. For example, Favorites, Tab 1, Tab 2.
  6. Select the service type from the Service drop-down menu. You can select from the following services:

    • Desktop

      • Terminal Services (RDP)
      • Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
      • Citrix Portal (Citrix)
    • Web

      • Web (HTTP)
      • Secure Web (HTTPS)
      • External Web Site
      • Mobile Connect
    • Files

      • File Shares (CIFS)
      • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
      • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    • Terminal

      • Telnet
      • Secure Shell version 2 (SSHv2)
  7. Enable Automatic log in to configure automatic login credentials. The options are:

    • Use SSL VPN account credentials (default)
    • Use custom credentials
  8. To display bookmarks in Mobile Client Connect, enable Display Bookmark in Mobile Connect clients. The options to configure are:

    • Launch in Mobile Connect Secure Web Browser (selected by default)
    • Allow Edit URL in Secure Web Browser
  9. Click ACCEPT to create the new bookmark.

The following sections provide additional details about adding the different types of bookmarks:

After the configuration has been updated, the new bookmark is displayed in the Virtual Office Bookmarks table. Click a bookmark description to go to the bookmark location that you have defined.

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