Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

Web Bookmarks

For HTTP(S) bookmarks, you can select Use SSL-VPN account credentials to log in or configure custom credentials for use with Single Sign-On. Select the Forms-based Authentication check box to use this method, and then fill in the following fields that are exposed:

  • Configure the User Form field to be the same as the ‘name’ or ‘id’ attribute of the HTML element representing User Name in the Login form, for example:

    <input type=text name=’userid’>

  • Configure the Password Form field to be the same as the ‘name’ or ‘id’ attribute of the HTML element representing Password in the Login form, for example:

    <input type=password name=’PASSWORD’ id=’PASSWORD’ maxlength=128>

For External Web Site bookmarks, select HTTPS Mode to encrypt Web communication with SSL. External Web Site bookmarks are used to access an offloaded Web site or portal using a bookmark. Select Disable security warning if you do not want a security warning dialog box to be displayed when a user clicks this bookmark. If left cleared, the warning dialog allows the user to select a “Do not show this warning again” option if the user has permissions to edit this bookmark (set above).

For more information about offloaded applications, see the Application Offloading section in the SonicWall Secure Mobile Access Administration documentation.

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