Secure Mobile Access 10.2 User Guide

What is the Secure Mobile Access Connect Agent?

The Browser Plug-ins (NPAPI and ActiveX) are used to launch native applications such as NetExtender, EPC and so on. For security reasons, popular browsers block theses Plug-ins. The Chrome browser, for example, has disabled all NPAPI Plug-ins, and the newest Microsoft Edge browser does not support ActiveX. As such, the ease-of-use ability of launching directly from the browser is no longer functional, and a new method for seamless launching is necessary.

There is another application to launch that opens a specific Scheme URL. There are some Schemes already defined in the Windows/OS X, such as mailto. The SMA Connect Agent uses the Scheme URL to replace the Browser Plug-ins. The SMA Connect Agent is like a bridge that receives the Scheme URL requests and launches the specific native application.

To launch the Citrix Receiver through a Citrix bookmark, you must first install the SMA Connect Agent.

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