Network Security Management Administration Guide


The Manager View | Tenants page shows details of all the MSW tenants you have access to. You can manage or monitor all the firewalls that are registered to these tenants through NSM, based on your user role.

Adding tenants, assigning users to tenants, and assigning user roles can be performed only in MSW. To add tenants, assign users to tenants, and assign permission to users, see MSW online help.

Click on any tenant displayed on the page to access data corresponding to the selected tenant, across all the tabs listed in the left pane. The table displays the below information for each tenant:

NameTenant name.
MSW TENANT IDID assigned to the tenant in MSW.
ALIASAnother name (if any).
DEFAULT ADMINEmail address of the default admin.

Click the caret icon next to a tenant name to view more details of the tenant.

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