Network Security Management Administration Guide

Template Variables Overview

When the Template is applied to devices in device groups, it automatically asks administrators to resolve the variable with device's unique value for the assigned device. Thus, the variable preserves the uniqueness of the device-specific value during the commit and deploy process. Examples of such parameters are: IP Address, Hostname, FDQN or any octet of the IP address object.

Using Template Variables in the configuration workflow simplifies the automatic provisioning of device-specific configurations for each firewall across hundreds of locations. The available Template Variables are listed at Objects > Variables. At this same page administrators can Add Variable, Edit Variable, and Resolve Variable. After the variables are set up, they are selected from inside the template. Configuration items in the Template that support variables have the icon next to them.

Variables can also be created while editing a template. Refer to Creating Variables within Templates for more information.

When working with Templates and Variables, you need to commit and deploy the changes so that they are pushed to the devices. To perform commit and deploy, refer Committing and Deploying the Updates

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