Network Security Management Administration Guide

Editing Templates

If a template—applied to device group(s) or device(s)—is edited, the configuration changes are not automatically committed to the devices. You need to commit and deploy the changes so that the changes are pushed to the devices. To perform commit and deploy, see Committing and Deploying the Updates

The updates made to a zero touch template are automatically deployed to the applied zero-touch devices.

To define or edit a template

  1. If not already in Template View, either click the template name or select Edit Template in the Action field.
  2. Navigate to other options in Template View: Device, Network, Object, or Policy.
  3. Using the interface commands under each of these options, define the various parameters of your template. For information on performing configuration in these fields, see SonicOS documentation at
  4. After you update the template, click View Templates Details to see the updates done to the default.

    All the updates done to the template configuration are captured here.

  5. Click Close to return to Template inventory.

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