Network Security Management Administration Guide

Templates Inventory

Navigate to Manager View > Templates to see the inventory of all your templates in a tabular format. Multi-tenant administrators can click on the tenant name (highlighted in the below image) and select any other tenant to list the templates associated with the selected tenancy.

You can use the Search feature to find a specific template to use. To customize columns, click Column Selection, and select or clear the options to include or hide the data of the selected columns.

The following details are displayed for each template listed on the page:

Template Details
NAMEName of the tenant

Gives more information on the template, if included when creating the template.


Displays the deployment status of template-configuration on to zero-touch devices.

  • Enabled: The template configuration is auto-deployed on to the target zero-touch devices when applied.
  • Disabled: The template configuration needs to be committed and deployed on to the target devices when applied.
USER ROLEManagement role of the user that created the template.
ACTIVE TENANTSTenant to which the template is associated with.

Active target devices and groups for the template

To switch to the , click on a template name or click on Edit Template in the menu.

You can also access other functionality clicking the options in the Action field. The actions you can perform on the page are listed here:

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