Network Security Management Administration Guide

Add Switch

To add a switch

  1. Navigate to Template View | Switch Network > Overview.
  2. Click Add Switch.

Add switch - General
  • Switch Model - Choose the Switch model from the drop down list.
  • Serial Number- Enter the Serial Number of the switch device. You can now choose the serial number by creating a new variable object or by selecting a variable object from the existing list. Click the icon to add or select a variable.
  • Switch Name - To identify the switch.
  • Comment - You can add a comment and this field is optional.
  • IP Address - Enter the IP Address or choose a variable by clicking the icon.
  • User Name - User name
  • Password - Enter a new password for accessing the Switch.
  • Confirm Password - Re-enter the password. Both passwords need to match.
  • Show Password - You may toggle this on to display or hide the password.
  • Switch Mode - From the drop down, choose the switch mode. By default, it is Standalone mode.
  • Switch Management - Choose the number in the drop down.
  • Firewall Uplink - The uplink on which the switch is managed by the firewall. Choose the value in the drop down list.
  • Switch Uplink - Choose the value in the drop down list.

Add switch - Advanced Settings

  • STP - Toggle this to enable or disable Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).
  • STP Mode - Choose the STP mode from Multiple or Rapid.
  • Jumbo Frame Size - Input the Jumbo Frame Size. The value can range from 1522 to 10240.

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