Network Security Management Administration Guide

Viewing System Events

The Manager View | Logs & Alerts > Events page displays the system events and their details based on the filter you set.

Click the gear icon at the upper-right corner and select the items that you want as columns in the Event Log. You can also search for an event in the Search box. You can export the event logs to a CSV file using Export option.

You can configure the following to view the events of your desired combination:

PeriodYou can set the duration to view the events for the selected period using the slider at the top of the table.

Priority level of the event, such as Info (information) or Error.

  • Emergency
  • Critical
  • Alert
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Notice
  • Info
  • Debug
  • Trace
  • Trace 2

Category of the event.

  • All Category
  • Notification
  • Configuration
  • API
  • Device Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Reporting
  • User

The following details are displayed for each event logged:

LOCAL TIMETime at which the event is logged

Category to which the logged event belongs to.


Priority level of the event

MESSAGEInformation on the event
SOURCEIPIP address of the source device
TENANT NAMETenant for which the log is triggered
REQUEST IDA unique ID for every event that was created

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