Network Security Management Administration Guide

Zero Touch Status

The ZERO TOUCH STATUS section under ZT, Analytics & Reporting Status provides information on zero-touch connection between firewall and NSM. The ZERO TOUCH STATUS section is displayed only for firewalls that have zero-touch feature enabled.

Zero touch status

Displays the status of the Zero-Touch connection between firewall and NSM.

  • A red icon indicates Zero Touch connection has failed.
  • A yellow icon indicates that the system is waiting for a Zero Touch connection from the firewall.
  • A green icon indicates that the firewall is connected successfully to NSM using zero-touch.
Connection StateStatus of zero-touch connection between firewall and NSM.
Zero Touch Proxy AddressThe IP address of proxy server for Zero Touch deployment.
Last HeartBeat TimeTime at which heartbeat of the firewall was heard the last time.
Last Request Time SentTime at which the request was sent to firewall the last time.
Connection Initiation TimeTime at which zero touch connection is initiated.
HeartBeat Ack Received TimeTime at which the heartbeat acknowledgment is received by the firewall.

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