Network Security Management Administration Guide

System Details

The SYSTEM DETAILS section displays the following details of a system:

System Details
Term Definition
Model Device model.
Serial Number Serial number of the device
Friendly Name Friendly name of the device, if entered when registering the firewall.
IP Address IP Address of the device.
Username Username
Group Name Device group, if the device belongs to any group.
Tenant The tenant to which the firewall is registered to.
Verify SSL Certificate Status of SSL certificate verification.
Firmware Version The SonicOS version that runs on the device
Last Modified By User that modified device configuration the last time.
Product Code Product code of the firewall.
Memory RAM capacity of the system.
ROM Version ROM version running on the device.
Safemode Version Safemode Version
Up Time Duration for which the device is online.
Current Time Current time.
Auth Code Authorization code of the firewall.
Registration Code Registration code of the firewall.
Prefs Changed Status of preferences changed.

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