Network Security Management Administration Guide

Management Status

NSM manages a firewall, when: firewall acquisition is successful, firewall configuration is synchronized with NSM, and NSM can reach the firewall. For information on performing firewall acquisition, see NSM Getting Started Guide available at

MANAGEMENT STATUS gives information of the status of the device and device-management through NSM.

Management Status
Connectivity Status of connectivity between NSM and firewall.
  • Up(green icon)— NSM can reach firewall.
  • Down(red icon)— NSM cannot reach firewall.

Status of synchronization of firewall configuration with NSM.

  • Green icon—Synchronization successful
  • Red icon—Synchronization failed

Status of firewall acquisition by NSM.

  • Green icon—Acquisition successful
  • Red icon—Acquisition failed
  • Yellow icon—Acquisition is in progress
Zero Touch

Activation status of the zero-touch feature or status of zero-touch connection between firewall and NSM for zero-touch enabled device.

  • A gray icon indicates Zero Touch feature was disabled.

  • A red icon indicates that the Zero Touch connection failed.

  • A yellow icon indicates that the system is waiting for a Zero Touch connection from the firewall.

  • A green icon indicates that the firewall is connected successfully to NSM using zero-touch.

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