Network Security Management Administration Guide

Manual Firewall Acquisition

Under certain conditions you may opt to acquire a firewall manually rather than using Zero Touch.

When acquiring manually, SSL cert verify is enabled by default. This is set as a security feature, but if proper SSL certification is not enabled on the firewall, the firewall does not get acquired.

To acquire a firewall manually

  1. Navigate to Manager View | Firewalls > Inventory.
  2. Hover over the firewall, click the Ellipsis icon in the Action column and select Edit Settings.

  3. Enter IP Address with Port for your device.
  4. Enter your Username and Password of your NSM user account.

  5. Click Save and Acquire Again.

As part of the device acquisition process, NSM establishes connection to the device, configures the firewall to send out syslog heartbeats so its health can be monitored, and then pulls the status and configuration of the firewall.

The status of the device acquisition is displayed in DEVICE ACQUISITION STATUS section; If the acquisition is successful, you will see a green icon next to Acquired. The firewall is now managed by NSM, and the CONFIGURATION is displayed as Managed in the Firewall Inventory page.

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