Network Security Management Administration Guide

Commit and Deploy Certificate(s)

Once the certificate is generated, you can commit and deploy them instantly or schedule at a selected time. You can review the updates (see ), and then commit (so that the changes are locked) and deploy the certificates.

There are 3 steps to commit and deploy certificates.

  1. From the DEVICES list, choose one or more devices and click Next. The devices that are listed displays the name, connectivity status and Serial Number.
  2. In the next screen, choose one or more certificates and click Next. The certificate displays the type (Local or CA), validated status, Date of Expiry. To continue, click Next or click Back to go to the previous screen.
  3. The next screen allows you to schedule the changes now or at a later date. Click Apply to proceed or Back to go to the previous screen.
    1. Now - To apply the certificate immediately.

    2. Set Schedule - Choose a later date to apply the certificate as per the schedule.

  4. The last screen, STATUS displays the selected devices and the status of the commits.

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