Network Security Management Administration Guide


The Summary tab in the Dashboard > System page displays information on TRAFFIC DISTRIBUTION, TOP USERS, OBSERVED THREATS, and TOP DEVICES BY SESSIONS in your network infrastructure, for the period selected in the slider at the top.

  • TRAFFIC DISTRIBUTION: Shows the graphical representation of the percent distribution of the number of network sessions based on protocol.
  • TOP USERS: Shows the top users by the number of sessions, amount of data received, amount of data sent, and the number of blocked connections.
  • OBSERVED THREATS: Shows the different types of threats and the number of threats of each threat type across managed devices.
  • TOP DEVICES BY SESSIONS: Shows the list of devices that are sorted in descending order of the category you select. Click the Gear icon to select your desired category; the default selection is Sessions.

The Insights section (scroll to the right if it's not visible) gives information about number of infected hosts and the number of critical attacks.

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