Network Security Management Administration Guide

Monitoring Commits

The Manager view | Config Management > Commits page displays the information, such as, pending configuration updates and deployment status of commits. You can also manage commits from this page. See Managing Commits.

You can customize what contents appear in the Commits table. The following list shows all the options. Click Column Selection and select or clear the selection of items to include or exclude data of any category in the table.

OPERATIONAL STATUSStatus of the commit.
COMMIT IDThe user-assigned ID for the commit.
SCHEDULEThe Time at which the commit is deployed or when the commit should be deployed as per the schedule.
DEVICE COUNTNumber of devices to which the configuration changes are to be deployed.
USERUser that performed commit.
ROLEManagement role of user.
COMMENTSThe comment entered when creating a commit.
PENDING CONFIG / APPROVALEditing—configuration updates that are pending commit and deploy operations.
APPROVED / COMMITTEDStatus of the commit.
DEPLOY STATUSThe deployment status of the commit.

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