Network Security Management Administration Guide

Roles and Permissions

The functions of the administrative and support roles are defines on the Roles and Permissions page. Here you determine what actions each roles is allowed to take. You can see a summary of the definitions in the table, and you can see the details by clicking on the caret beside the role name.

To edit the permissions assigned to each role

  1. Navigate to Manager View | CSC Users > Roles and Permissions.
    1. Select the Edit command in the Action column for the role you want to change.

  2. Expand the permissions and find the parameters that you want to change.

    When the state is enabled, the green circle means that all the children parameters are also enabled. A half green circle indicates that some children parameters are in a disabled state. A gray circle indicates that all children are disabled.

  3. Slide the indicator to enabled or disabled as needed.
  4. Click Save to retain the settings.

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