Pre-Authentication Path Traversal Vulnerability in SMA 1000 12.4.2 Firmware

First Published:01/19/2023 Last Updated:01/19/2023


SonicWall Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 1000 series (12.4.2 firmware only) contains a pre-authentication path traversal vulnerability (CVE-2023-0126)

IMPORTANT: SonicWall PSIRT is not aware of active exploitation against this vulnerability in the wild, nor has a proof of concept (POC) been made public.


CVE-2023-0126 is a path traversal vulnerability (CVSS 7.5) that potentially allows an unauthenticated threat actor access to files and directories stored outside the web root directory. 

  • SMA 1000 12.4.2 is the only firmware impacted.


SonicWall engineering published a patch for this vulnerability. 

  • Organizations using SMA 12.4.2 firmware should immediately visit to download and apply hotfix firmware 12.4.2-05352.
  • SMA 1000 12.4.2 is the only firmware under potential risk. No other versions of firmware are impacted.
  • The SMA 1000 series includes SMA 6200, 6210, 7200, 7210, 8200v and CMS.


  • Until the patch is applied, SonicWall strongly recommends administrators limit SMA 1000 access to trusted sources (and/or disable access from untrusted Internet sources).
  • Restrict access for Port 8443 to only trusted IP addresses in your organization that need to manage SMA 1000 appliances.