Security that fits your business.
Not your vendor’s portfolio.

Build, scale and manage security across cloud, hybrid and traditional environments.

  • Deploy what works for you — where it works for you.

    By providing on-premises, cloud-based and as-a-service options, SonicWall helps you deploy what works for your architecture and evolve secure cloud adoption at your pace.

  • Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud-native and hybrid environments.

    Mix and match security products to create or enhance cloud-native and hybrid deployment models that fit your current needs and bridges a path to a more virtualized reality.

  • Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads.

    Leverage modern zero-trust capabilities to easily and quickly connect remote users to on-premises resources, cloud-hosted applications, branch offices and public clouds — all without installing hardware.

  • Protect distributed and remote workforces.

    Safeguard remote employees and mobile workers with virtualized security options. Easily deploy security across multiple locations — with minimal IT support — using Zero-Touch Deployment capabilities.

  • Reduce costs and downtime.

    Manage remote users, devices and applications from anywhere in the world. SonicWall’s cloud-native architecture eliminates the need to service physical appliances, schedule downtime and build out expensive redundancies.

  • Collaborate securely in a cloud-first world.

    Secure common SaaS applications with a single security tool that requires no hardware or software installation. Quickly protect users, regardless of location, with convenient API connections to business-critical SaaS applications, including G Suite, Office 365 and more.

Mix & Match Architecture

Protect your organization, networks, users and devices on your terms. Explore real-world use cases that showcase the power and flexibility of scaling proven security across even the most complex cloud-native and hybrid environments.

Secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and virtualized workloads through modern zero-trust capabilities.

Products Used: Virtual Firewall, Physical Firewall, Cloud Edge Secure Access

Solve security and connectivity challenges for cloud migration.

Products Used: Virtual Firewall, Cloud App Security, Capture ATP, Cloud Edge Secure Access, Secure Mobile Access, Physical Firewall, Virtual SMA

Protect distributed and remote workforces through powerful virtualized security layers and zero-touch capabilities.

Products Used: Capture Client, Cloud App Security, Cloud Edge Secure Access

What You'll Need

Zero-Trust Security

Deploy Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) at global scale in as few 15 minutes.

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Cloud App Security

Protect business-critical SaaS apps — including Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box and Dropbox — in real time.

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Endpoint Protection

Control the health of your endpoints with advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR).

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Cloud Sandbox

Discover and block both known and unknown cyberattacks, never-before-seen malware and zero-day exploits with cloud-powered threat protection.

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Virtual Firewall

Add advanced next-generation cloud security to your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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Virtual VPN

Connect and secure your growing remote workforce and devices with flexible VPNs for private or public clouds.

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Never trust. Always verify.

In less than 15 minutes, SonicWall Cloud Edge Secure Access quickly scales security beyond your perimeter through modern zero-trust principles. Establish logical trust zones to securely authenticate every user, device and location for access only to the specific services and resources required.



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