SonicOS/X 7.0.1 Release Notes

Version 7.0.1 June 2021

June 2021

This release resolves a number of critical issues and other issues found in previous releases.

The platform-specific versions for this release are:

PlatformFirmware Version
TZ Series7.0.1- R1456
NSa Series7.0.1- R1456
NSv Series7.0.1-R1282 / 7.0.1-R1283
NSsp Series7.0.1-R579


If you are running any previous versions of SonicOS/X 7.0.1, SonicWall recommends upgrading to this release.

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-23005Configuring the WAN interfaces in PPPoE mode makes all the interfaces vanish from the page.
GEN7-23108X1 cannot be enabled administratively after an NSv is registered using the manual keyset.
GEN7-23121After upgrading tenants to a newer firmware version, the tenants quickly (1 - 2 hours) end up a failed state.

The selection for DMZ Address Groups does not show up in the drop down list on the firewall while configuring the interface in Transparent Mode.

GEN7-23481When the X0 port is disconnected, the PortShield mode management traffic does not work correctly on any spare interface on TZ platforms.
GEN7-24191Vulnerability involving improper neutralization of HTTP header resulting in unauthenticated DoS.

Additional References

The following additional resolved issues in this release are listed here for reference:

GEN7-18760, GEN7-19718, GEN7-20821, GEN7-21236, GEN7-22362, GEN7-22480, GEN7-22545, GEN7-23364, GEN7-23541, GEN7-23657, GEN7-23870, GEN7-23877, GEN7-23976

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-23969Not able to log in as a user with RADIUS authentication from the LAN zone.
GEN7-24521On NSv, AWS VPN does not show VPC details.
GEN7-24608The Cancel button does not work on the Capture ATP Location page.
GEN7-24639Traffic still passes after blocking LAN to LAN HTTP in Access Rules after enabling firewalling with other bridge members.
GEN7-24658Configuration changes in TOTP (2FA) result in a full sync and reboot of non-primary blades and can cause temporary access issues.
GEN7-24683Exported CSV file has no data when security policies are sorted by group.

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