SonicOS/X 7.0.1 Release Notes

Version 7.0.1 July 2021

July 2021

This version of SonicOS/X 7.0.1 is a maintenance release for existing platforms and resolves many issues found in previous releases. This release also introduces support for the SonicWall NSa 4700, NSa 6700 and NSsp 13700 network security appliances.

Supported Platforms

Starting in this release, SonicWall has dropped the 'R' label from SonicOS/X release numbers.

The platform-specific versions for this unified release are all the same:

PlatformFirmware Version
TZ Series7.0.1-5018
NSa Series7.0.1-5018
NSv Series7.0.1-5018
NSsp Series7.0.1-5018

The following SonicWall network security appliances are supported by this release of SonicOS/X 7.0.1:

  • NSa 2700
  • NSa 3700
  • NSa 4700
  • NSa 6700
  • NSsp 13700
  • NSsp 15700
  • TZ270 / TZ270W
  • TZ370 / TZ370W
  • TZ470 / TZ470W
  • TZ570 / TZ570W
  • TZ570P
  • TZ670
  • NSv 270
  • NSv 470
  • NSv 870

NSv 270/470/870 deployments are supported on the following platforms:

  • AWS (BYOL and PAYG)
  • Microsoft Azure (BYOL)
  • VMware ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Linux KVM

Resolved Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-15543On NSsp 15700, BGP/OSPF failed to establish on a numbered VPN tunnel interface when VPN policy is established on a non-master blade.
GEN7-16351When adding or editing an LDAP server on an NSsp 15700 with Authentication Partitioning enabled, there is no Partition field or option.
GEN7-21526After being disconnected, a second PPPoE connection does not connect until the firewall is rebooted.
GEN7-21977Adding, deleting, configuring or managing a Dell X-Series switch on an NSa 3700 does not work as expected and displays the error, "Error: Index of the Extended Switch Instance."
GEN7-22545Packet drops on WAN interface cause interruption in internet access.
GEN7-22706Detecting a SonicWall Switch beyond the first level in multi-level daisy chaining takes a long time.
GEN7-22772VLANs of the parent SonicWall Switch are not configured properly when using multi-level chaining.
GEN7-22826RDP service bookmark cannot be launched from the portal page in Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.
GEN7-22868LDAP user and user group import should not show users/groups that were previously imported.
GEN7-22950When updating signatures manually, the Signature File ID is incorrectly displayed as '3' in the POLICY | Security Services > Summary page. It should be '6'.
GEN7-22972A LAN PC cannot open an SSH Terminal session after disabling and then enabling SSH management on the X0 interface.
GEN7-23108The X1 interface cannot be enabled administratively after an NSv is registered using the manual keyset.
GEN7-23121After upgrading tenants to new firmware, the tenants end up in failed state after 1 to 2 hours.
GEN7-23168Serial Number and Auth Code should not be required when logging into the MySonicWall account after Manual Key Registration.
GEN7-23211On NSv, the Protocol page is missing in the WAN PPPoE interface edit window.
GEN7-23389DMZ Address Groups does not appear in the drop-down list on the firewall while configuring the interface in Transparent Mode.
GEN7-23408Anti-Spyware signatures are not enabled by globally enabling Prevent/Detect.
GEN7-23410When navigating to the Network > Zones page in the Classic user interface of a firewall running SonicOS 7.0.1, the user is redirected to the login page.
GEN7-23481When the portshield host port has no link, the PortShield Mode management traffic does not work on any other linked portshield member ports.
GEN7-23502There are issues with enabling and disabling interfaces.
GEN7-23504Change the default algorithm to AESGCM-256 for non GroupVPN policies.
GEN7-23526SSL VPN Virtual office RDP HTML5 bookmark does not work as expected.
GEN7-23583On NSsp 15700, there is a Security policy issue when using both Content Filter Service (CFS) and user level authentication.
GEN7-23793Additional gateways are not populated in a Multi-Path Route policy.
GEN7-23848The Match Object field is not populated when creating or editing a custom match.
GEN7-23911Route policies do not show correct address objects while trying to edit them.
GEN7-23957Portshielding a Switch interface (Switch 2) to a VLAN interface on uplink results in an error.
GEN7-24136Double interfaces are shown in the interface selection list during backend server communication.
GEN7-24137During backend server communication, selection of a specific interface does not work as expected, but always appears as ANY.
GEN7-24224Valid TCP packets with Urgent data are dropped.
GEN7-24458On NSv for AWS, APIs do not show custom tags and values.
GEN7-24521On NSv for AWS, AWS VPN does not show VPC details.
GEN7-24533Login fails with auto generated guest accounts and the error, "Module not ready" is reported.
GEN7-24577TCP Urgent - UI Implementation
GEN7-24741In DNS settings after selecting the Specify DNS Servers Manually option and clicking Accept, the selected option is changed to Inherit DNS Settings Dynamically from WAN Zone.
GEN7-25457On multi-blade NSsp, an error is displayed when enable/disable RIP/OSPF for a numbered tunnel interface.
GEN7-25770Adding a multi-path route policy failed when configuring a VPN tunnel interface as a non-first interface.
GEN7-25830The Use Address Object drop-down menu does not display the Address Object created by the user in the GATEWAY AV EXCLUSION LIST.
GEN7-26006Resolved a PCI Compliance failed issue with error "HTTP Security Header Not Detected" on SSL-VPN portal.
GEN7-26336With Virtual MAC addressing enabled, the firewall sends a Gratuitous ARP reply using the default MAC address after the interface renews its DHCP lease, resulting in the connection being lost.

Additional References

The following additional resolved issues in this release are listed here for reference:

GEN7-18760, GEN7-20414, GEN7-21047, GEN7-21094, GEN7-21234, GEN7-21357, GEN7-22055, GEN7-22353, GEN7-22362, GEN7-22480, GEN7-22545, GEN7-22684, GEN7-22685, GEN7-22826, GEN7-22877, GEN7-23173, GEN7-23184, GEN7-23191, GEN7-23220, GEN7-23281, GEN7-23287, GEN7-23329, GEN7-23363, GEN7-23364, GEN7-23368, GEN7-23375, GEN7-23389, GEN7-23392, GEN7-23411, GEN7-23453, GEN7-23490, GEN7-23518, GEN7-23526, GEN7-23531, GEN7-23541, GEN7-23549, GEN7-23565, GEN7-23572, GEN7-23582, GEN7-23700, GEN7-23760, GEN7-23798, GEN7-23807, GEN7-23840, GEN7-23870, GEN7-23871, GEN7-23873, GEN7-23885, GEN7-23904, GEN7-23911, GEN7-23935, GEN7-23939, GEN7-23966, GEN7-23987, GEN7-23991, GEN7-23992, GEN7-24034, GEN7-24054, GEN7-24056, GEN7-24057, GEN7-24059, GEN7-24060, GEN7-24061, GEN7-24062, GEN7-24063, GEN7-24064, GEN7-24109, GEN7-24134, GEN7-24135, GEN7-24140, GEN7-24178, GEN7-24187, GEN7-24292, GEN7-24305, GEN7-24329, GEN7-24348, GEN7-24429, GEN7-24567, GEN7-24568, GEN7-24587, GEN7-24633, GEN7-24689, GEN7-24693, GEN7-24751, GEN7-24756, GEN7-24810, GEN7-24819, GEN7-24847, GEN7-24884, GEN7-24888, GEN7-24895, GEN7-24933, GEN7-24971, GEN7-24994, GEN7-25000, GEN7-25456, GEN7-25473, GEN7-25521, GEN7-25538, GEN7-25566, GEN7-25568, GEN7-25606, GEN7-25624, GEN7-25746, GEN7-25818, GEN7-25819, GEN7-25833, GEN7-25944, GEN7-26348

Known Issues

Issue IDIssue Description
GEN7-22389On NSsp 15700, the State Sync function displays a critical unexpected error that the Retransmit buffer's sequence number does not match the array element.
GEN7-23716When a user logs in with the admin credentials or with user credentials that have SonicOS administrator privileges and then navigates to the Network > Zones page, the user is logged out and redirected to the login page.
GEN7-24864Local packet mirror does not take effect.
GEN7-24957On NSsp 15700, an error is always displayed the first time a user logs in with Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) enabled.
GEN7-25016External storage display is wrong in TSR and in the SonicOS web management interface.
GEN7-2571225G Direct Attach Cables (DAC) might not auto-negotiate speed and/or error correction on the NSsp 13700 X24-X31 ports.
GEN7-26035OSPF becomes disabled on the unnumbered VPN tunnel interface after adding the link aggregation LAG's member when it is bound to a Layer 2 LAG port.

Auto-negotiation of multiple speeds might not work on the SFP/QSFP ports on NSsp 13700.

Workaround: Manually specify the link speed.


100M/10M interface status shows "No link" after shutdown/no shutdown by toggling the Enabled button.

Workaround:Set Link Speed to Auto Negotiate or 1 Gbps Duplex.

GEN7-26093SSL VPN will not work if DPI and Stateful Firewall Security is applied before enabling SSL VPN.
GEN7-26154PortShield is enabled by default when High Availability is enabled in Internal Settings.
GEN7-26188The LED for LAN bypass does not work as expected.
GEN7-26204VPN policy does not show gateway and networks if quotes are used in the VPN name.
GEN7-26374High Availability on 10G interfaces sometimes shows a connected interface as not connected.
GEN7-26419On NSsp 15700, interface Link Speed is not configurable in the SonicOSX web management interface, but is configurable in the CLI.
GEN7-26444Log files stored in External Storage cannot be deleted when using the SonicOS web management interface.
GEN7-26447File location is not correct when Primary Storage is chosen for log storage.
GEN7-26465Included or Excluded Users/Groups settings of IPS Signature cannot be imported.
GEN7-26474Unable to set WAN IP manually on SonicOS Setup Guide page when using Firefox browser.
GEN7-26534Cannot change the logical probe settings to Physical monitoring and vice versa for WAN interfaces.
GEN7-26645On NSa 4700, NSa 6700 and NSsp 13700, changes are not saved in user authentication method drop-down field under user settings.
GEN7-26710On NSa 4700, NSa 6700 and NSsp 13700, not able to change partition in DEVICE | Users > Authentication Partition page for a newly added policy.
GEN7-26726Purge option to delete log files from storage cannot be selected if two or more files are selected.
GEN7-26827On NSsp 13700, the 10G RJ45 interface (X16-X19) Link Speed auto-negotiates to 5 Gbps when the cable is more than 10 feet long.
GEN7-26871TSR does not show files present on the two storage devices.
GEN7-26888SonicOS web management certificate did not have CN content of Subject and Issuer after changing Certificate Selection settings.

DHCP leases offered from X1 (WAN) are in the IP address range from the X0 lease scope. Occurs when the internal reserved VLAN is changed from the SonicOS/X 7.0.1 default by a converted or imported SonicOS 6.5 configuration.

Workaround: Configure reserved VLAN as the SonicOS/X 7.0.1 default of 3968 or higher as the starting VLAN.


On NSa 4700/6700 or NSsp 13700, child LDAP servers are not shown in LDAP server list in the contemporary user interface.

Workaround: Configure the LDAP servers using the classic user interface.

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