SonicOS 7 Internal Wireless

Station Status

In the Internal Wireless > Status page, the Station Status screen displays information about wireless client devices currently associated with the wireless security appliance.

Station Status
Wireless Information Description
Station The name of the wireless client device
MAC Address The hardware address of the wireless network card on the client device
Vendor The vendor who manufactured the client station
SSID The service set identifier of the wireless radio to which the client station is connected
Authenticated Status of the client authentication
Associated Status of the wireless association between the client station and the SonicWall wireless appliance
AID Association ID, assigned by the security appliance
Signal Strength of the radio signal
Connect Rate Speed of the connection between client station and wireless appliance, generally in Mbps
Timeout Number of seconds left in the session

Options for controlling the client station:

  • - allow the station to connect to the security appliance and add it to the Allow MAC Filter List.
  • - block the station from connecting to the security appliance and add it to the Deny MAC Filter List.
  • - logout and disassociate the station from the security appliance.

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